An Introduction to Brian Richy Voice Overs

12th December 2023

An Introduction to Brian Richy Voice Overs

Brian Richy is an incredibly versatile voice actor from Toronto, Canada - this is his story!

"It all started back in Tokyo, Japan, after meeting with some Japanese musicians in Toronto..."

Besides singing in a band, I was involved with voice-work in broadcasting and as a freelancer. I became an on-air personality for Tokyo FM Stations such as J-Wave, Inter FM, FM Yokohama, and Parco Cable Radio.

I also recorded character voices for various children's animation projects, video games, and digital educational products for Toshiba EMI.

Once I moved back to Canada, I got involved with more voice-acting work for Homeworld Cataclysm, which then led to a barrage of projects...

- Starpoint Warlords

- Cloud Pirates

- Heaven's Hope

- Sugarland

- Global Guardians

- Grangon's Dogma

- Lakeside Murder

- Two Worlds

- Dungeon Master

- J-Pixel Bono Planetarium

- Vanguard Video Games

- Batora Video Games

- Camelot (Video Game)

- MSA Animation Projects

- Creta Kids

- MekBots

...just to name a few!

I am extremely diverse, since the large variety of projects that I work on demand accents and voices from across the world. I have been told I am like another Peter Sellers...who by the way, is my hero.

"Well, what more can I say... if there are any developers out there looking for a Swiss army knife of a voice actor, that's me."