An Introduction to Dark Sandwich

3rd January 2024

An Introduction to Dark Sandwich

Dark Sandwich is a Malaysian-based 3D animation studio that specialises in gameplay and cinematic animations.

With a current team of six seasoned professionals boasting decades of game industry experience, they specialise in delivering high-quality character animation, rigging, and 3D asset services.


Utilising Autodesk Maya, MotionBuilder, and 3DsMax, Dark Sandwich excel in producing hyper-realistic or stylised animations for humanoids, creatures, robots, mecha, and animals.

From massive kaiju-like creatures to agile characters, Dark Sandwich adapt to each project's unique animation needs.

Collaboration and Innovation:

The company offer sincere collaboration, open communication, and a distinctive creative approach to bringing concepts to life.

Their commitment extends to long-term and fruitful collaborations, providing cost-effective solutions and quicker turnaround times.

Proven Track Record:

Prior to Dark Sandwich, the team contributed to renowned projects like Scalebound, Elden Ring, Diablo VI, Elder Dragon (League of Legends - Worlds 2017 Grand Final), Gears 5, and World of Demons.

"Our portfolio speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence."

Culture of Growth:

The company prioritise creating an environment that fosters growth for all team members. With opportunities for career advancement, leadership roles, and a culture of teamwork, Dark Sandwich ensures a cohesive and productive work environment.

In-House Portfolio: