An Introduction to loclait

26th March 2024

An Introduction to loclait

loclait is a small, independent localisation studio based in Algeria with a specialty in Arabic translation.

About loclait:

Comprised of handpicked, multidisciplined talents with a passion for video games; the company boasts more than a combined 20 years of experience in the game localisation industry.

"We're kindred spirits who poured their hearts and souls into each role and stage of game localisation for years, saw how things are done, and thought we could do them *much better."*

Learn more about loclait, the team, and their process on their website.

Main Services:

Translation & Localisation

Every piece of art is as unique as the people who created it - each possesses a distinct cadence and requires a unique approach to recreate the spark that made it so special in another language.

"We believe that narratives crafted with passion deserve to be translated with equal devotion."

The team at loclait make sure that every subtlety, joke, and quirk is preserved and represented in their localisation, all while maintaining a suitable linguistic register for the target audience.

RTL Implementation Guidance

Dealing with Arabic in game engines - software that is often hostile to RTL languages - can get tiring & expensive very fast.

As a result, developers often throw an unnecessary amount of LQA at the problem until it disappears...

...but there's a much simpler option.

loclait's in-house implementation specialists have got the process down to an easy-to-follow checklist for many popular engines, ensuring an extremely short (2~4 hours) and hassle-free Arabic implementation before it ever gets in the testers' hands.

Additionally, they offer a full suite of game localisation & LQA services. A full list of loclait’s services is available on their website.

What sets loclait apart:

  • A full-stack localisation process, from text to implementation.

  • A quality-first, human-centric approach to localisation.

  • Hand-picked Arabic game localisation specialists.

  • Fully accountable for the quality of work.

  • Ethical industry practices at their core.

  • Excellence is always guaranteed.

"Arabic localisation doesn’t have to be hard."