An Introduction to Nimrod Sound

11th January 2024

An Introduction to Nimrod Sound

Nimrod Sound are a company from rural Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom, who specialise in Audio Post-Production.

The studio bring an experienced hand to managing the production and post-production in music & sound.

This encompasses an organised view of the recording and production process, working through the complex requirements of modern mixing and efficient delivery of assets, whilst keeping a focused eye on artistic and creative support.

"We have a history of doing work for high-risk projects, starting with all of the Driv3r games, Killzone and Farcry 2. More recently, we worked on the entire Horizon series and its Burning Shores expansion."

For Driv3r, Nimrod Sound's scope covered composition, production, licensing and mixing. Farcry 2 & Killzone also consisted of composition, production, recording and mixing...

...this might suggest they are a composition team, which is not what they are in the present day!

Nimrod Sound record music for composers, and manage that process through contracting musicians, studios, orchestrators, copyists and conductors.

"Our core business is the mixing process, which is where the full weight of experience comes to bear."

Delivering excellent stems for in-game implementation is crucially important, and Nimrod Sound do all of this from a brilliant sounding studio, with a mix team with deep experience, capable of meeting the tightest deadlines.