An Introduction to Plus Localization

19th March 2024

An Introduction to Plus Localization

Plus Localization are a company who provide localization services for up to fourteen languages (mainly Turkish) to game developers and publishers.

One such case study involves Sengoku Dynasty - an engaging RPG that provides players with the opportunity to construct and oversee their own villages while ascending the ranks of medieval Japan's dynastic hierarchy.

Collaborating alongside esteemed developer Superkami, as well as prominent publisher Toplitz Productions, Plus Localization assumed the responsibility of acquainting the Turkish community with the spirit of medieval Japan.

This specific translation wasn't a normal request due to the high volume of content, though Plus Localization accepted the intricate undertaking of translating tens of thousands of words.

From designating names for structures and embellishments to shaping terminologies for armaments, weapons, crafting materials, and more, a multitude of textual components awaited localisation into Turkish.

Remarkably, this ambitious endeavour was achieved within a short span of twelve days, encompassing comprehensive Language Quality Assurance (LQA) processes.

Approximately three and a half months after the game was released, Toplitz Productions released a chart indicating that Turkish reviews had secured the top spot with a 95% positive rating.

"At Plus Localization, we successfully navigated through this formidable expanse with notable ease, professionalism, and efficiency."