Dragon Scale Studios Invited to Attend DunDev 2024

19th December 2023

Dragon Scale Studios Invited to Attend DunDev 2024

Based in Cardiff, Dragon Scale Studios are a game studio formed of six graduates from the University of South Wales. They are currently developing their first title: Set Sail! - a 4-player, couch co-op, pirate party adventure!

The studio are excited to be travelling to Dundee in January to take part in the DunDev 2024 programme.

DunDev invites promising, young start-up studios to take part in a month-long residential programme, offering invaluable access to industry experts as well as the opportunity to pitch for grant support from the UK Games Fund.

"The DunDev 2024 studios were selected on a competitive basis, each demonstrating a clear passion for their game as well as business acumen and a great potential to be a sustainable, successful independent commercial studios."

Dragon Scale Studios will be moving their core team of six graduates to work full-time over four weeks, continuing development on Set Sail! whilst having meetings and benefitting from the advice of industry experts on marketing, pitching & more.

As part of the programme, the studio look forward to showcasing their game at an industry event, as well as pitching Set Sail! to the UK Games Fund in hopes of a £25,000 grant!

Looking ahead, Dragon Scale Studios also plan on taking part in the Steam festival 'Pirates Vs Ninjas', and are expecting to see a spike in visibility and wishlist additions.