eMagazine to be issued on 1 January 2024

1st November 2023

eMagazine to be issued on 1 January 2024

The first edition of our eMagazine will be issued on 1 January 2024. Would your company like to be featured in an issue?

News & Game Showcase Service

At GDN, we actively promote our members by providing a dedicated News & Game Showcase Service. Upon request, we prepare an online article which is published in our news section. The article will also appear on our eMagazine, LinkedIn, and X pages.

We highlight and showcase initiatives by GDN members, featuring their games, projects, and new services in our eMagazine and on each member's profile page to amplify their visibility among a growing audience of game developers.

Sharing Knowledge

Future issues of our eMagazine will include us talking to game developers and asking them to guide us through their development journey, starting from the initial concept and concluding with the game's release.

We will ask them to share their strategies for debugging and enhancing game performance as well as provide us examples of a demanding performance problem they successfully tackled.

GDN is all about sharing knowledge while upholding and honoring rights to intellectual property, ownership, and original creations.

How Do I Use This Service?

For us to prepare an article for you, please send your news, projects, the services you offer, and pictures or artwork associated with the games you create to our News Editor, Tom Studley.

This PR service provides fantastic global promotion and is included in your annual fee. We look forward to receiving your news!

Note: Deliverable images 300 dpi JPG for photos and PNG for logos.