Hairy Heart Games Set to Launch Rallyallyally

14th December 2023

Hairy Heart Games Set to Launch Rallyallyally

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Hairy Heart Games are excited to launch their newest game Rallyallyally - a chaotic, multiplayer racing game where you compete with other drivers to roll out tarmac, carve up the landscape and decide the road to the finish line.

"Roads? Where we’re going... we do actually need some roads."

Rallyallyally began as part of Rami Ismail’s Meditation Project, where Hairy Heart Games realised there were some wheels to this idea, and looked to pursue a full release.

Along with a little help from their friends, they looked to self-publish, with some backing from the UK Games Fund too! Their generous aid helped the company in expanding their team.

Rallyallyally has shown up at a few events, such as EGX in 2021, and gained awards such as the Pocket Gamer Big Indie Pitch. COVID-19 presented itself as a speedbump for development, but now we near the end of 2023, Rallyallyally is ready... are you?

As the leader of the race, you get to roll out the road, meaning the other players have to go through you to win. To get to the top of the podium you’ll need to use your skill, reflexes, and a giant boxing glove on a spring. Mostly the boxing glove.

"Some people go where the road leads them, other people make their own paths. You can be other people. You can be silly people."

With Rallyally nearing the end of its development, here are a few planned features you can expect to enjoy in the future:

  • Push the road - make your own tracks. No pre-made courses in this game, that’s your job (if you’re fast enough)!
  • Multiplayer - play with up to eight players on one screen!
  • Cars - obviously. And they’ve all got wheels! There are 15 different cars to drive, from monster trucks to double decker buses, tractors to sports cars.
  • Customisation - change your car’s appearance to suit you, choosing between colours, decals, rims and more.
  • Powerups - loads of powerups! Like a big boxing glove or even a grappling hook, just make sure you use them at the right moment!

You can expect to find Rallyallyally soon on the Nintendo Switch and Steam, with a later release intended for PS4 and PS5.