Pat Naoum Games Announces 'The Master’s Pupil' Coming to PS5 & Xbox

14th March 2024

Pat Naoum Games Announces 'The Master’s Pupil' Coming to PS5 & Xbox

A year since its initial release, The Master’s Pupil by solo-developer Pat Naoum will be coming to PS5 & Xbox!

Set in the eye of 19th century impressionist Claude Monet, The Master's Pupil takes players on a journey over his iris towards the pupil!

As a unique biography of Monet’s struggle, loss, and grief, there is no written or spoken language in the game.

Instead, sound, music, and visual elements come together to channel the various aspects of Monet's life through to the player.

With over 80 different puzzles involving colour, physics, and space that players must solve to progress, The Master’s Pupil presents players with the increasing challenge of completing Monet’s paintings.

This reflects the master painter’s real life, culminating in a battle against the cataracts that threatened Claude Monet's eyesight!

The game’s rich variety of handcrafted landscapes and dynamic soundscapes has been widely praised, taking 7 years to paint and put together.

Since then, The Master’s Pupil has won Excellence in Art at the Australian Game Developers Awards (AGDAs) and been a part of the official selection at SXSW Sydney.

The Master’s Pupil is releasing on PS5 and Xbox on the 28th March 2024. The game is already available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.