PQube Reveal 'White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies ' 2024 Release

20th February 2024

PQube Reveal 'White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies ' 2024 Release

PQube are glad to announce that 'White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies - Complete Edition', will be available on the PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S in 2024!

Click here to view the 'White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies - Complete Edition' announcement trailer!

Investigate bizarre phenomena, evade bloodthirsty killers, and unravel a twisting narrative spread across three unnerving episodes in this direct sequel to the Korean horror cult classic!


Experience the horrors of Yeondu High School from multiple character's perspectives across three linked episodes, all included in the Complete Edition!

Episode 1: Disturbed by rumours of her involvement in the death of a fellow student, Jung Soo-jin is determined to set the record straight and regain the trust of her crush Jang Sung-tae.

But as the pair search for clues, they learn of a far darker secret deep within the bowels of the school, and become prey in a relentless hunt.

Episode 2: At the same time, former teacher-in-training Kang Seo-yeon arrives to investigate the ambiguous circumstances surrounding her father’s passing on the school grounds.

Drawing on her knowledge of the occult, Seo-yeon attempts to reverse an ancient ritual while evading a powerful and malicious ghost that is inexorably drawn to her.

Episode 3: Having made a promise that can’t be broken, 1st year student Yoo Ji-min searches for a way to bring peace to the restless spirit of Han Na-young.

Delving deeper into the tragic history of the school and the complex relationships between its students, Ji-min makes a fateful discovery that will lift the veil of obscurity once and for all.


Jung Soo-jin

A recent graduate of Yeondu High, Soo-jin is renowned for her short temper and no-nonsense attitude, which she owes in part to her lonely upbringing in a poor neighbourhood.

Before Sung-ah’s tragic death in a fire that engulfed the school’s home economics room, Soo-jin was overheard saying that she would ‘kill Sung-ah’ for telling the teachers about her smoking on school grounds...

Jang Sung-tae

A recent graduate of Yeondu High, Sung-tae mostly keeps to himself, working long, uneventful shifts at a local convenience store.

However, the rumours surrounding Sung-ah’s death left him troubled and he actively avoided contact with Soo-jin thereafter...

Kang Seo-yeon

Kang Seo-yeon’s father worked as a Korean language teacher at Yeondu High until one night he inexplicably fell to his death from the roof of the school.

Refusing to believe that her father had taken his own life, Seo-yeon transferred to Yeondu high in search of answers...

Yoo Ji-min

A first-year student at Yeondu High who loves to draw, Yoo Ji-min makes a promise to her idol Han So-young that she will solve the mystery of her elder sister’s death and give her the closure she so desperately seeks.

Ji-min enters the school on the night of March 14, 2001 in search of Han Na-young’s long forgotten diaries which promise to reveal the circumstances that lead to her untimely demise...

PlayStation 5 physical editions of 'White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies - Complete Edition' are available to pre-order now!