Studio X Labs Share Busy Year of Projects for 2024 Release

8th November 2023

Studio X Labs Share Busy Year of Projects for 2024 Release

Studio X Labs are pleased to share some of their active projects moving into 2024, involving audio programming, sound design, and more!

Homeworld 3

Paul Ruskay, composer at Studio X Labs detailed the return of 'Adagio for Strings' as the soundtrack for the latest game in the Homeworld series, as well as its importance.

"The Adagio for Strings: It's a bit of a hybrid piece, so what I put together was a blending of the vocals that references the original choral version, with the addition of live strings."

The scope of work that Studio X Labs covered for this project includes dialogue casting, recording, file naming (~12K files supplied to date, 28 actors), in-engine integration using Wwise & Unreal, as well as providing audio programming support to the Blackbird Audio Department.

"Homeworld, being an RTS, has two modes of gameplay that the music has to support. There's the more meditative aspect of harvesting, ship-building and exploration versus combat mode, which required more adrenaline."

Reverse Collapse

Studio X Labs also aided a remotely managed project involving a tactical, turn-based role-playing game developed by MICAteam in Shanghai. Set in the near future, the game has Earth plunged into the "Second Cold War"!

The company worked on music integration in Wwise & mastering for release, sound design creation in Wwise & Unity, SVN build sync, as well as audio programming for all playback systems in-game (music, speech, sound design).

The Gloom Below (DLC)

Furthermore, Studio X Labs' efforts went towards the development for a DLC of third-person horror action-adventure game 'The Chant'.

For a project involving psychedelic horrors and cosmic terror, the company's work covered a wide range, including:

- Audio programming for all playback systems in-game (music, speech, sound design)

- Sound design creation in Wwise & Unreal, Perforce build sync

- Multi-language integration with Wwise & Unreal

- Music creation, integration into Wwise, mastering

- Voice recording, editing and mastering

The Thaumaturge

Finally, Studio X Labs also worked on The Thaumaturge - a story-driven RPG with morally ambiguous choices, taking place in the culturally diverse world of early 20th century Warsaw.

The company arranged for speech casting, recording and editing which involved thirty different actors as well as 6,200 lines of dialogue!