The Vampire's Manor Debut Project: 'FOQUES'

2nd January 2024

The Vampire's Manor Debut Project: 'FOQUES'

The Vampire's Manor are a game studio from the United Kingdom who are pleased to share news of their debut project: FOQUES!

A survival horror game featuring puzzles and platforming elements - play as Kari, an arctic fox who must escape her home in the North of Canada, as it has become engulfed by an eldritch corruption.

Along her travels, she will come across mutilated animals that were once considered friends, and a part of her home.

The studio's diverse team is comprised of recent graduates and friends, with many members being neurodiverse as well as representing the LGBTQ+ community.

They recently took part in the Tranzfuser programme from the UK Games Fund , alongside other teams, where they showcased a playable prototype of FOQUES at Insomnia 71.

"We are now continuing development to produce a more polished playable prototype of the prologue section of our game."

This new section of the prototype will introduce us to the main mechanics of the game and begin to unravel the narrative. The Vampire's Manor plan on sending out this developed prototype to publishers in hopes of funding!