Why GDN Welcomes Independent, AA & AAA Studios

12th February 2024

Why GDN Welcomes Independent, AA & AAA Studios

GDN aims to establish a comprehensive membership base by welcoming independent, AA & AAA studios. Why? Read on…

Even though AA and AAA studios have substantial resources and capabilities in-house, we appreciate that it is often useful and sometimes essential to collaborate with independent studios for various reasons.

Often independents have specialised expertise and experience in niche areas, and collaborating on particular projects enables large studios to gain specific knowledge or skills. Independents are often able to adapt quickly so collaborating allows larger studios to leverage this flexibility for specific projects or initiatives.

Another important aspect is that smaller studios often have unique approaches and ideas that can enhance the creativity of a larger studio. Also, collaborating with independents can be cost-effective because instead of investing heavily in building and maintaining certain capabilities internally and without the need for long-term commitments, it can be more economical to partner up for specific projects.

Did you know that in just four months since its launch, GDN already covers over 35 countries?

Our rapidly growing international network may present useful resources and allow larger studios to expand their global reach and enter new markets, helping to bring cultural diversity and different perspectives.

In summary, collaborating with independent studios allows AA and AAA studios to tap into external expertise, creativity, flexibility, and resources, ultimately helping them stay competitive and adapt to the game industry trends.

George Rowe, Senior Producer at AARDMAN says "It's often hard across LinkedIn or similar sites to filter out the noise, so something like GDN specifically targeted towards game industry professionals only seems like a great idea and something that can only benefit the industry"

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