2024: First In-Person Event in Croatia

20th December 2023

2024: First In-Person Event in Croatia

Our first P2P event will take place from 1-3 September 2024 at the stunning Hotel Croatia Cavtat.

The five-star resort and conference centre is situated on a peninsula jutting into the sea and is just 5.8 km from Dubrovnik International Airport (DBV).

The event is open to GDN members only and upon full registration, attendees are provided with access to our bespoke online P2P Scheduler, which allows them to schedule twenty-minute business meetings with companies of their choice ahead of our event.


Kindly complete this form to reserve your place at this unmissable event. Upon receipt, we will send you an invoice for the Registration Fee and once paid, your place is secured (remember ... spaces are limited)!

The Schedule

Join us on Sunday 1 September at 19:30 at the stunning Alverde Terrace where we will kick off the evening with a welcome drink and name badge collection. After that, it’s time to enjoy dinner together along with a choice of wine, beer, brandy, vodka, gin, soft drinks, and water.

To cater to travel-weary souls and help you conquer jetlag, we’ll conclude our first evening at 21:30. This way, if you’re craving some shut-eye, you can hit the hay, or if you’re itching to hang out with your GDN pals, the night is all yours.

Here’s the cherry on top: as this is our first gathering, we’re introducing a playful icebreaker. Every name badge sports a unique ‘coloured dot.’ Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to seek out someone with the same dot, introduce yourself and spend a few minutes chatting with them. Let the networking begin!

Monday 2 September 2024 Tuesday 3 September 2024
09:30-09:45 Official Welcome 09:30-09:40 Opening Session
09:45-10:00 Group Photograph 09:40-11:00 P2P Sessions 6-9
10:00-10:20 Coffee Break 11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
10:20-12:00 P2P Sessions 1-5 11:30-12:30 P2P Sessions 10-12
12:00-14:00 Lunch Break 12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-18:00 GoT/Dubrovnik Tour 14:00-15:20 P2P Sessions 13-16
18:00-20.30 Group Dinner 15:20-15:50 Coffee Break
15:50-17:10 P2P Sessions 17-20
19:30-21:30 Farewell Dinner
21:30-23:30 After Dinner Party

Monday 2 September 2024

At 09:00 on 2 September, attendees can start their day off with a coffee as they head into the Ragusa Congress Hall. At 09:30, Founder, Rachel Crawford will officially welcome everyone and then it's time to get down to business with the pre-arranged meetings.

Our system has thought of everything so our delegates will be fully prepared with all the necessary information including an easy-to-read schedule for mobile devices.

Each meeting is assigned a table number to ensure a smooth transition between sessions. Additionally, our GDN Countdown Clock is displayed on a large screen, enabling attendees to manage their time during the event.

Following a productive morning, there will be a lunch break and time to freshen up before we gather at 14:00 in the Hotel Reception for a brief walk to take a boat trip across the bay to captivating Dubrovnik Old Town. Known for its remarkable preservation of medieval architecture and history, it is considered one of the most well-preserved and magnificent cities in the world.

We will enjoy an exciting Game of Thrones Tour followed by dinner at the stunning Banje Beach Club overlooking the Adriatic Sea before returning to the hotel by coach. This informal excursion is not just to see King’s Landing, Littlefingers Brothel, and The House of the Undying, but also a great chance for more networking.

It will be a relaxed afternoon and a great chance to unwind with your new and old friends ... plus a welcome break from the meeting room! Another opportunity for GDN members to engage with one another and build important connections.

Tuesday 3 September 2024

The P2P sessions will continue from 09:30 in the Ragusa Congress Hall. Since our system is live, attendees can book new meetings during the event in case an existing one is unable to proceed. This maximizes their time and ensures that they get an opportunity to meet as many companies as possible.

After a day filled with productive meetings, you will have time to unwind before re-grouping at 19:30 at the Spinaker Terrace for a Farewell Dinner. After we have eaten, we have secured exclusive use of the 70s retro-style Posejdon Night Club. As we aim to provide excellent value for our attendees, we have included an open bar until 23:30.

Expect a laid-back evening in a relaxed setting, the perfect opportunity to unwind with both old and new friends. It’s a golden chance for our members to mix, mingle, and build on those important connections.

Registration Fee

We aim to include as much as possible in your fee so that you are not left with large expense bills! The Registration Fee of £850 per person includes the following:

  • Welcome Dinner including 2-Hour Open Bar at the Alverde Terrace (Sun)
  • Ragusa Conference Hall + AM/PM Refreshments (Mon & Tue)
  • Buffet Lunch served in the Restaurant Cavtat (Mon & Tue)
  • GoT/Dubrovnik Old Town Tour (Mon)
  • Group Dinner including 2-Hour Open Barat Banje Beach Club (Mon)
  • Farewell Dinner including 2-Hour Open Barat the Spinaker Terrace (Tue)
  • After Dinner Party at Posejdon Night Club including 2-Hour Open Bar (Tue)
  • Conference Bag & Administration


A range of stunning guest rooms with ensuite bathrooms, toiletries, Wi-Fi, and buffet breakfast are available from Euro 180 per night and details on how to book are provided upon registration.

To register, kindly complete this form to reserve your place at this unmissable event. Upon receipt, we will send you an invoice for the Registration Fee and once paid, your place is secured (remember ... spaces are limited)!

The P2P Scheduler will go live on 1 May 2024 when all fully registered delegates will gain full access.

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