GDN's Very Own P2P Scheduler

2nd November 2023

GDN's Very Own P2P Scheduler

GDN's in-person networking events offer an incredible chance for our members to save significant time and money. By bringing together industry professionals in one convenient location, our events eliminate the need for extensive travel and time away from the office.


Attending our networking events provides members with a valuable opportunity to engage in discussions that can lead to new collaborations and partnerships.

The events offer a superb platform for establishing relationships and enhancing connections within the game development industry.

Our gatherings bring together industry experts and thought leaders from various sectors, making them an excellent source of inspiration and learning, providing insights into the latest trends and technologies.


Although virtual meetings have their advantages, we have found that building rapport and establishing trust is much easier in person. This can lead to more open and collaborative conversations, which are essential for developing successful partnerships.

Face-to-face meetings at our events also allow for the reading of non-verbal cues and body language, which can improve communication and prevent misunderstandings.

Rachel Crawford, Founder of GDN, has organised 50+ networking events globally across Asia, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe (see photos below!). She has found that face-to-face interactions are essential in building connections and fostering trust.

The next GDN P2P event takes place from 1-3 September 2024 in Croatia - follow this link to read more.


Our attendees are provided with exclusive access to our customised online P2P Scheduler, which allows them to schedule twenty-minute business meetings with companies of their choice ahead of our event.

To ensure a smooth transition between each session, each scheduled meeting is assigned a table number. Additionally, our GDN Countdown Clock is displayed on a large screen, enabling attendees to manage their time more efficiently during the event.

Since our system is live, attendees can book new meetings during the event in case an existing one is unable to proceed. This maximizes their time and ensures that they get an opportunity to meet as many companies as possible.

Our customized system is all-encompassing, ensuring that our attendees are fully prepared with all the relevant information, including an easily accessible schedule for mobile devices.


Kindly complete this form to reserve your place at this unmissable event. Upon receipt, we will send you an invoice for the Registration Fee and once paid, your place is secured (remember ... spaces are limited)!

The event is open to members only. To join GDN, click here.